Alternative marketing solutions at Persuasion Architects

Under the direction of Burrows and Powell Persuasion Architects will facilitate alternative advertisement solutions for businesses and organisations looking for greater exposure in both the public and private domain. P.A provides access to marketing space on our collection of streetwear apparel and accessories. Customers also have the liberty to select the geography, duration and time periods to promote these walking pop-up advertisements to optimise exposure and traffic flow.

Social Credit Systems

In what’s being described as a “digital dictatorship”, their score takes a hit for each infraction, meaning they incur things like financial penalties and even travel restrictions.

How to influence behaviours

The Future of Fashion

A continuing point of interest for collaborative artists Jessie Burrows and Angela Louise Powell, and focus of their prior work in the GlogauAir residency, are the contemporary issues of privacy in the digital age. In an effort to highlight these issues within their practices, the duo created a pseudo marketing startup ‘Persuasion Architects’, in which they address how digital and physical world marketing structures and mass data surveillance are used to influence our personal and social desires, as well as behaviours. Burrows and Powell toy with the disparity between behaviour in reality to that of its online parallels. The artists utilise aspects of these social online sources to open up discussion with their audience.

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Alternative advertising solutions, coming soon


Persuasion Architecture |pəˈsweɪʒ(ə)n ɑːkɪtɛktʃə|

Online, persuasion architecture exists as the specifically designed elements of your web pages used to convince visitors to take the action the advertiser, corporation, or individual desires. It operates much like it does in the physical world; how the confectionary placed at the checkout isles of the supermarket, more often than not, make their way into our shopping baskets without our original intention. In the digital world, the data collected through our cache history helps inform machine learning algorithms to target advertisements based on what your data says you want to see/believe/buy. Pseudo startup Burrows and Powell seek to employ this framework to address how the convergence of digital and real world ‘persuasion architectures’ influence social behaviour. Taking on the terms of service multinational organisations utilise online, the artists ask for audience participation to engage with their ‘open’ studio space.